From paper to postcard

Memories of Amalfi

‘From paper to postcard‘ is a project carried out by Kaos Produzioni for the former paper mill ‘Cavaliere di Amalfi’. It is a journey through memory and through the traditions of the ancient city of Amalfi; a place whose history survives also  thanks to the many travelers and the passers-by and their tales handed down during centuries. Karl Schinkel, M. C. Escher, D. H. Lawrence, or the playwriter Henrik Ibsen just to name a few.

The postcard in itself is a witness of these journeys both as an instrument of communication, linking images to the words, and as an object, being made of the very material whose processing and trade was Amalfi’s best kept secret and tradition since the ancient times: Paper. Every postcard has its own story to tell. The visitor experiences each story both through images and videos and through sounds and words: The old Amalfi comes to life again in our space quickly turning into the modern one in a an going dialogue between old and modern: The ancient memoir conveyed through modern-multi media language.

The “Scuderia Del Duca” is a workshop and a store run, since 1980, by Andrea De Luca and Giovanna Fusco. It has been described as a “Wonderland”; a place where the precious Amalfi’s paper with its deckled edges is the main attraction. The store also offers a bookbindery service, manufacturing books both in leather and in paper. Thanks to dedication, passion, and creativity in finding objects, the Scuderia is considered to be a wonder-room of the treasures of the past.

A new postcard and vintage photos collection has been recently opened to the public, on top of the 19th and 20th century Italian and foreign paintings section.

Visit La Scuderia Del Duca shop: www.carta-amalfi.it
Project and realization Kaos Produzioni


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